10 years service recognition ideas

Hi we’re a small company (c45) and we recently had our first employee reach ten years service with a couple more not far behind. I’m keen to know how other firms recognise and reward this period of tenure.
We’re operating in the VC space and are very open to suggestions as it’s not necessarily a gift or monetary allowance we’re thinking of, perhaps an experience or reward with social purpose. Keen to see what other companies are doing, have found was well received, has got people excited about.
Thanks in advance

I’ve always personally admired organisations that reward tenure with something like a growth/learning-focused sabbatical

The narrative of that (that you take a break and return with renewed skills, ideas and vigour for personal/professional growth) aligns well with recognising and rewarding long-term commitment

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We offer sabbaticals that are aligned to our service learning and international volunteering products and I think it’s an outstanding way to reward and recognise long tenure. I’d be happy to propose some similar options for you Cat - just let me know if that’s useful. Ben (www.volunteerhq.org)

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LOL! Just gotta say that I’ve been working for a County agency for over 10 years! At 1 year, not an attaboy or pat on the back. At 3 years the same. At 5 years NADA, not even a congratulations! Now, over 10… still nothing. No recognition whatsoever! Never thought it would happen as I worked for Companies who value their employees and celebrate their contributions. So… if you’re reading this and you get an ‘attaboy’ or a ‘thank you’, see the value in that. Be happy for a culture that embraces you! Remember… there are lots of cultures and companies out there that don’t care in the least…