360 degree feedback in small company?

I feel my managers could benefit from 360 degree feedback. They already hold regular check-ins and self-reviews for their direct reports, but I think their employees also have valuable feedback that could improve their relationships as well as the development of their supervisors. I worry that not every employee would feel comfortable providing this feedback directly to their manager, despite our fostering a safe and supportive work environment.

Does anyone have advice on 360 degree feedback initiatives in a small company? Ideally, I would like to maintain anonymity as much as possible, as well as continuing to feed in to our productive and supportive culture. I do not think that any employee would throw their manager under the bus or be personally harsh, but I also want my managers to be able to benefit from the same feedback they provide to their team.


Kim Scott of Radical Candor advocates using skip-level meetings, which she briefly describes towards the end of this article. These could help you emphasize the constructive nature of what you’re trying to do and also maintain anonymity for employees.

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Thank you for the share, Elisse!

Not sure I’m qualified to give “advice”, but at least some sort of input :smiley:

We’re a 30-ish people startup and I got the chance to build my own 360 feedback process. It was requested by top management, but we did not have the opportunity to spend tons of money on something that we didn’t know if it would create any value or not. On the first round, only “middle managers”/team leads were receiving feedback from people around them, and I believe tit worked out well. At least I’ve only gotten positive feedback about everything else, other than some not agreeing on the fact that the feedback should be anonymous or that they would like to know who gave feedback (which we obviously did not disclose even when asked to, because that’s just what the process is like).

I’m happy to tell you more about my experience with 360 in a small company, do feel free to ask :slight_smile: I just don’t want to go on a massive story-time rant here if it’s not of value to anyone :sweat_smile: