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90-Day Performance Reviews

I’m new to Culture Amp and am wondering if anyone has created a 90-day performance review cycle so managers can conduct reviews for new hires? Thanks!

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I am actually looking into the same topic right now.

We usually do 30, 90, and 150 day check-ins offline and I would like to get them into CultureAmp.
Related to that, I want managers to set clear onboarding objectives for their new hires. Something like OKRs, but more individualised and focused on learning/onboarding, building relationships and making progress on fist tangible functional deliverables.

Any ideas on how to incorporate this in CultureAmp would be highly appreciated.

We’re actually looking into this right now too. We’ve set up a version for the new employee - as a Self-Reflection - and a version for the manager as a Performance Review.

Unfortunately there’s no way you can automate it like you would a standard review, given you’d need to be adding different people at different times. Our new starter numbers aren’t too high, so for now we’re just going to be manually adding people to the cycle, based on setting diary reminders when adding new starters. What be great if Culture Amp could automate this though, as we too really want to have everything performance related - included those initial reviews/check-ins - in the platform.

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