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On June 11, Al Adamsen will be holding our first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on People Geek Answers. Al Adamsen is a globally recognized thought leader, advisor, and educator in the areas of Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning People Analytics, Talent Measurement, and Organizational Change.

Don’t know Al? Here are some of his recent articles.


Post a question to Al in the AMA section of People Geek Answers anytime. Beginning on Wednesday June 11, Al will start responding to your questions. Let the People Analytics discussions begin!


Can’t wait…where on earth is AA (Al Adamsen) right now? I’m excited I can be part of a huge conference without leaving my kids - great idea!!

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Hi, Batman. I’m in Santa Cruz, California, typing away. If you have any questions know I’ll be happy to answer. For now, please know I back my car into the driveway because I’ve never seen the bat mobile headfirst and I lack a turntable on my driveway. Maybe someday…