Action planning on shared reports

HI, we closed our first engagement survey with Culture Amp in September and are in the action planning process. Feedback we have received from managers is that action planning is confusing since they have access to multiple reports - some shared with employees, some not. I’m interested to hear how others are handling the action planning process.

A little background on our process - Managers with 5 or more responses received a “standard” report (participation, insights, filters, take action). We wanted all employees to have access to that data so we created a separate report for the employee/manager team that did not include filters. This created an additional report for the manager. We asked managers to action plan on the report that was shared with their employees so they all have access to the action and can track progress, add notes, etc.

Your experiences and insight is appreciated!

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Hi Chastity,

Thanks for your question, interesting to hear your process and which parts your managers find confusing.

I’m a Product Manager at Culture Amp and we’ve just released some new functionality that may help with your problem. We realise that not all shared reports require action planning to be undertaken by everyone who receives the report.

This is why we’ve created the ability for survey admins to disable the Action Framework for specific shared reports. The ability to select which reports have the Action Framework enabled means that only those employees (e.g. managers) who are intended to take action are prompted with the tools to do so.

You can read more info about this update here:

Hope this helps clear up some of the confusion for your managers. Would love to hear your feedback once you’ve had a chance to try it out!

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Perfect timing! Thank you for this information. I think this will help in reducing the confusion and ensure managers are action planning on the correct reports.


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