Action Planning

We’ve just closed the second wave of our engagement survey. Reports are available to the leadership team for about 2 months now but very few actions have been logged in the survey platform. I’m interested to learn what have you done to encourage leaders to log their actions in the system?


Hi @ana.amato! I tend to see a few things:

  1. Making the case for why logging actions in Culture Amp adds value for them (and for you). It helps you provide additional support to them, helps you connect people across the org based on action, helps keep things in 1 place etc.

  2. Enablement: Leaders are always time-poor, so we have to make it really easy for them to learn how to log actions. For our most recent survey, I created a really short how-to to either read, or to watch (as a video), and try my best to over-communicate the ask of people. Depending on the level of leader, the 5-minute 1:1 check-ins could be more impactful if you have capacity though. You can be targeted in who you reach out to (i.e. it doesn’t need to be every leader, maybe focus on ones that are on the lower end of engagement).

  3. Who are the influential leaders in your org , outside of HR< who others will follow? Can you help those leaders set their actions, and then have them evangelize to their circles of influence?

I hope that gives you a few ideas!



Hi @ana.amato we spent quite a bit of time with our leaders pre survey discussing the value of actions and logging them. We also encourage them to meet with their team to discuss and agree 1 action to give the team ownership. It means that once actions are there they are kept live.
The best evidence though is sharing details about the leaders who make actions that have resulted in increased engagement in their team. Others will see the benefits so will follow. For us it has taken about a year to see leaders making the most of actions. Though for some it just isn’t something they feel is necessary so we just check in to ensure they are meeting their teams and making plans to improve. The proof is in the next survey. If they have worked on things the scores should go up


@ana.amato great question. The responses so far are spot on with my experience as well. Communicating early and often to managers about the value of employee feedback is critical. Also, I think @Hammy is spot on about highlighting managers who are taking action to celebrate them and motivate others.

You might also find it helpful to encourage managers to look at the employee feedback through the lens of their team goals/KPIs. What are they trying to achieve as a team/group and how will the insights gained from their employee’s feedback help them deliver on their goals? Are there specific actions they can take that will help them succeed?