Advice on the change management process/steps for doing away with performance reviews?

Hi Geeks, our org has made the decision to do away with our performance review system and process. We are looking at revamping our manager 1-to-1 sessions with employees to include weekly (forward focus) and quarterly sessions (performance and career). I am looking for advice around the process or steps to get buy-in and roll out and if anyone has experience in this areas and ideas about what worked?

Hi Samantha,

I’m in the middle of leading a big change management process around performance reviews and main things I’ve learned are –

-get buy in from key people as soon as possible. leaders, HR team, and people who are key for culture. you want them to be bought in first.

-make sure to treat it as a big change and do the things that come with that like employee presentations, Q&A, and emails explaining the changes.

-in your presentations, make sure to tell the change story (why are you changing it, how did you go about the process of making the decision), in a way that resonates with your audience. Anywhere you can highlight how this responds to employee feedback or makes their lives easier/better is a plus! People want to understand where a chance is coming from and what guided it.

-make sure your presentation / change story also highlights the key questions that people will have – especially, “what will this change for me?” and “how is this good or bad for me?”. If there is any impact on job security or comp, that needs to be addressed up front since that will often be front of mind for people.

happy to discuss more if helpful, feel free to email me at


Elena, thank you so much that is useful.