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Any recommendations of an innovative/intuitive LMS platform?

Hi all!
I am looking to implement an LMS system , and thought there would be no better place to seek some first hand feedback.
My priorities are to streamline onboarding, track ongoing trainings, implement awareness trainings (and track results). Overall, I want to make learning as interactive / fun/ stimulating as possible.
Does anyone have a recommendation or can vouch for the LMS system they are using?
Wishing you a great day!

Hi Cilla

In a previous role we were searching for an LMS to integrate with our learning experience platform - there’s loads out there. We eventually shortlisted LearnUpon and The Access Group.

Both rely on quite a bit of content curation… so if you want some ready made content, i’d recommend looking at Degreed, Thrive, Learnerbly. A different experience and much more user friendly!


Thank you so much Jodie, super appreciated!

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