Anyone implemented Holocracy?

Anyone here working in an organization that is using Holocracy? What have you noticed in regards to culture before/after?

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A good overview of who is/has been using it can be found here -

I work in an organization that pretty deeply committed to our own interpretation of Holacracy. In fact, my primary role in the organization is Holacracy Coach. I don’t have the Holacracy Coach or Master Coach designation from H1, though. At this point, we’re more accurately redefining our intention to have a “self-managed” organization than one that operates in Holacracy.

Talking about the culture impacts because of Holacracy is difficult. I think it would be unfair to say that changes are because of the system. There’s a lot more at play that influence the culture than simply our adapted implementation of this system. The fact that we deviated fairly significantly from the recommended implementation steps of Holacracy means attributing any experiences to the system isn’t fair.

With that said, here are some observations that might be of use to you:

  • It’s a lot more clear when someone is being a “victim” or when someone is micro-managing. I think frustrations regarding both have increased. Often, the sense of abandonment or “no-one cares about my experience” has increased.
  • Clarity, autonomy and a sense of “what I need to do to meet expectations” is much better for individual contributors. For individuals that enthusiastically embrace the ownership and responsibility provided, it’s a huge boost.
  • It surfaces practices, behaviours and assumptions that have been comfortably ignored. I’d like to call them “healthy tensions,” but Holacracy is easily blamed as the source of the problem.