Anyone leveraging Situational Leadership Model to upskill managers?

Seeking input from anyone who has implemented situational leadership to build stronger managers/first time managers and how things have worked out. TIA!

Hello we have. It has been in place for a year in a global org of around 9000 people. Keys to our deployment have been

  • using the various versions of learning, so leveraging the online, short and long courses as appropriate for audience
  • leveraging cohort groups where its possible
  • Getting critical mass in a business/region
  • ensuring the frameworks are included as part of the wider landscape for leadership

like any tool/course/system its what you do around it that matters most, its the artifacts and experiences that lead to cultural change. I don’t like this particular model any more than any other.

Thank you! We are going to do a cohort management approach. Which industry are you in? I’m in martech.

We are using the Situational Leadership model, too! A few things that have been critical here -

  • Also training individual contributors on the Self-Leader model. Just as it is important for managers to match their direct report with the right leadership style, it is important for individuals to ask for what they want/need.
  • Incorporating the model into other organizational practices/processes. Our team members use the model for 1-1s.

thanks for those suggestions! Would you be willing to share your companies?

I’m at Lob: