Attrition risk with high potentials

What are some things you can do if you see a attrition risk with your high potential population?

Hi Josh - At our company what we do is load in the metrics we use to track high potentials into the filters in our platform so we can see how employee experiences differ across those in different performance bands, high potentials obviously being a key one. Once we have that filter/demographic loaded into our platform, we can focus actions on those drivers of engagement where the high potentials are scoring lower. Further, we take extra care to communicate out to the whole org what actions we are taking so that those high potentials who rated an experience low are aware of the focus. Good luck and would love to hear how you end up approaching this in your company!


I second what “anonymous4” said. I’ve done the exactly same thing before. Additionaly, I’ve done stay interviews, which is a way to get more individualized and qualitative data.

Research by CEB shows that the number one reason people leave organisations is because of lack of perceived career opportunities. so I would recommend having some meaningful career conversations that dont just focus on promotions and job titles but instead explore what they want from their whole experience at work so you can be creative in providing opportunities for enhancing their satisfaction.