Best Training Feedback Forms - what are your go to questions?

Hey everyone,
At the end of every training workshop we do we provide a feedback form for the participants. I feel it is slightly too long (single sheet, both sides), and seems a bit too formal. We use the NPS model to measure satisfaction and am not sure if it is right.

I would love to simplify it - any experience with simple but effective feedback forms at the end of a training session, or do you have any go to questions you ask.

Thank you!!!

It does sound like a double sided sheet is a bit much (from an experiential perspective) - though of course depends on your specific goals. Likely there is some redundancy in the questions or some data that goes unused. Definitely worth reflecting on what you’ve done with the feedback answers since you’ve been collecting them.

I really like the NPS model. I typically ask a question like "Do you feel better equipped to handle X (skill/topic)? Yes/No. and Why?
Then would you recommend this training to a colleague looking to improve X (skill/topic)? Yes/No. and Why?
I also include ‘what’s one thing you would change about the training to make it more impactful or effective?’
Then I look for patterns in the feedback or pull out key pieces that I think could use further exploration.
If people feel comfortable to leave their email address, then I can contact them for a quick chat to extra context on their feedback.


Hi @MajaPaleka!

Awesome question. When I think of post-training surveys, I like to first decide whether I am gathering feedback on satisfaction or to improve the facilitators training style (e.g., I enjoyed this training, I found this training engaging) or if I am gathering feedback to determine whether knowledge or skills were gained as a result of the training (e.g., I am better equipped to do XYZ). You can definitely combine the two, but I think making this distinction makes it easier to determine the best types of questions to ask (especially since we want to be mindful of the experience :slight_smile: ).


At my organisation we use a digital form on our LMS (but could be a typeform if you don’t have this functionality) that is emailed to them after the training.

It is really simple to allow a broad scope for feedback:
How would you rate the content of this training? (Score 1-5)
How relevant was the training to you? (Score 1-5)
How would you rate the trainer’s delivery of this training? (Score 1-5)
We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the day so we can continually improve, so please share the reasons for your scores here…

We tend to get around 30-50% response rate but really rich comments coming through.

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Thanks so much everyone - this has been super helpful. Simplicity is really the key and we have already adjusted some of our feedback based on your help - and getting much more useful data and better responses. Muhc, much appreciated!!!

So glad you were able to get the information you needed @MajaPaleka, one of my favourite Hellen Keller quotes “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”