Boosting morale during the current crisis

Hi all. I’m sure that many organisations are finding that morale is generally low as a result of fear and anxiety. Much of this is a result of circumstances outside of our control. Does anyone have any tips or ideas of ways to boost morale when faced with unprecedented external pressures and uncertainty?

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Hi Georgina, yes! There are so many ways to boost morale, but if you’re the only one doing the boosting, you have to approach it in a structured manner. Are you looking for more surface level boosts that are quicker, more extrinsic, and easier to pull off, or are you looking to set up a deeper flywheel of positive culture? If it’s just you, you have to do a gap analysis and see what’s the biggest and most important priority to tackle first.

But here’s some tips and ideas:

  • Re-establishing psychological safety in the team
  • Regular and timely 1-1s
  • Collaborative 1-1 agendas
  • Quarterly Career Conversations
  • Documenting action items and praise
  • Refreshing Task Setting Rituals
  • Implementing New Task Completion Behaviors
  • Clarifying Virtual Communication Channels
  • Celebrating Virtual Touchpoints
  • Reducing Micromanagement
  • Implementing Regular Gratitude
  • Celebrating Auspicious Events
  • Shared Music Playlists
  • Social Events like Coffee Hours, Murder Mysteries, and Wine Tastings
  • Virtual Social Spaces like Video Games or Networking Groups

Send me a note if you want to talk more about them!

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Thanks for your reply @Learning_Whisperer

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