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Buddy program - looking for some ideas

Hello people, I am currectly designing an On-boarding program for new joiners and looking for a cool name as we already have other existing Buddy program in the organization and want to avoid creating any confusion. Any ideas on branding it and how to replace an On-boarding buddy term? Thanks

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We name ours “Culture Buddy”

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If you already have a buddy program, have you considered making this more of a mentorship? That could easy be branded as such, as having a dedicated mentor when joining a new company is a great sense of relief having one point of contact while onboarding.

Some fun name ideas, onboarding always reminds me of coming on board a ship or a plane, so maybe a co-pilot, captain, wing-man (wing-woman), navigator, tour guide?

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We use the term “New Hire Mentor”

We work with a lot of teams that launch Onboarding Buddy Programs.

The best buddy names that I’ve seen have to do with the existing culture. Here are a few examples:

  • Fox Buddies
  • Coffee Buddies
  • Fresh Lobster Buddies
  • Culture Ambassador

Here are some other tips on how to build or scale your program:

I hope this helps!

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