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Can individuals add their own reviewers for 360?

Can individuals add their own reviewers for 360? I am trying to launch a 360 survey and I want to know if the individuals can select their own reviewers. Please advise.

Hi @gharoutunian,

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This looks like it might be a Culture Amp product related question. The goal of People Geek Answers is to enable all the People Geeks in our community to discuss broader people and culture topics. Definitely encourage you to continue to ask questions of the People Geek community.

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I think though, this academy article might shed some light on your question (it isnโ€™t a simple yes or no, it depends how the admin sets the survey up)

Let me know if I can help out further.


Hi :slight_smile: if the survey has been set up by the Administrator and launched already, I know that the Administrator then has to be the one to add or remove any reviewers. This is quick and easy to do through the survey Process Manager by clicking on the three dots (More) and then Configure participants. However Iโ€™m not sure if this is still the case if the participant set-up the survey themselves.