Capability mapping or expectation mapping

Keen to hear from anyone that has seen real culture change through capability mapping. We currently have no ratings in our performance reviews and worked hard to ensure we have emotionally intelligent leaders. Even so some members of our people team feel we need to map capability to help those managers not yet able to set expectations in their teams to have something central to go from. I don’t think this is the right way to go but keen to challenge my thinking. Anyone making this work or should I stand firm?

Hey There, We have also removed rating from our P&D framework and put a strong focus on connecting with staff intrinsic motivation and wellbeing. However, we also have a capability framework that we are getting great feedback from leaders about. This is used predominantly by leaders in the P&D discussions to support development planning conversations. It also support hiring managers with defining interview questions and position descriptions for employees. In my experience (working in the Org Dev team) I think you can have both without conflict.

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Thanks @Emma-t for sharing your thoughts and welcome to the People Geek Answers community, it’s great to have you here.


@Emma-t Would you be willing to share your expectations template? I am also thinking of accompanying performance discussion on the basis of clear role expectations and individual contribution to team OKRs, and I would find it very useful!

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