CEO-Employee Forums - More visibility and connection

Hi, I’m trying to conceptualise a regular forum where the CEO meets a cross section of staff and customers for informal discussions, Q&A. Initial thoughts are:

  • this is informal, casual not overly structured
  • is used as a way for the CEO to be more visible and understand ground realities and build trust

Any ideas from what’s worked in your organisation? Any interesting formats you know of what will help us foster a warm, psychologically safe and open environment in these?


Have your CEO just sit in during lunch hours. This will help close a certain gap and create connection.
Invite all new teammembers in their second week to a one hour meet & great and have a few standard games/questions set up to get some fresh insides but also to meet the CEO as early as possible, again to close the gap.
Make sure the CEO has an open office - walk in Q&A time scheduled. Even when no one shows up, it should remain on calendar and pointed out to people as a podium to talk about initiatives etc.