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Hi there People Geeks,

One of our perks for our team is free barista coffee from our local cafe across the road. As our teams get bigger we are looking for a coffee ordering app, slackbot, or process that will help streamline the number of group coffee orders each day. So ideally we would like 2 set times (morning and afternoon) where someone in the team collects a list of the orders and does a group coffee run. Outside of these times, anyone can go grab a coffee for themselves. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that may work?

@Irene this is an interesting one. I don’t think I have a creative solution. Hoping someone else does.

I can say that while our company doesn’t offer free barista coffee, I do my best to get out for a walking/coffee meeting with someone a few times a week and find that really valuable for connecting, resetting and my own general wellbeing. I wonder if there would be value in encouraging people to take advantage of this benefit and by finding a colleague to chat with and go get a coffee instead of trying to organize mass delivery.

What if you had a slack channel where anyone looking for a coffee mate could post their intention to head over and get some coffee. This might facilitate cross business connections and innovation.

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Hi Irene,

A company I’ve seen innovating here is called They’re HQ’ed in Canada with operations in many major U.S. Cities. The concept is about individuals paying and aggregated ordering+pickup. Using it with what you have set up would still require employees to expense the coffees and I believe the shop across the way would need to be partnered with Ritual. Not sure if it’s quite a fit for what you need, but it’s an interesting business!


Hi Irene!

I was recently made aware of an app called Joe Coffee - a coffee ordering app for local shops. Here’s their website: I don’t know if they’d be able to help with the streamlining since your company pays for it, but I have one of the lead rep’s info and I bet he’d know the answer! I’ll message it to you in case you’d like to look into it.

I hope that’s helpful!

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To piggy back off of Josh’s suggestion- highly recommend the donut app on Slack for this! We’ve had success with it and will also give you metrics!

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