Correlations between Engagement Index and Business Outcomes

Where might I find CultureAmp white papers/studies that demonstrate how the engagement survey predicts specific business outcomes? I see Gallup studies on the internet, but finding it difficult to locate CultureAmp research.

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Thanks for reaching out and great question!

It would be great to understand more if you are happy to share:
What the business question you are trying to answer internally: is it building the case for Employee Engagement or connecting the dots during this time?

Here are some blogs that might be helpful also a starting point:

How to link Employee feedback and business results

And also a blog our Chief Scientist has written on the ROI of Employee Engagement

Also a panel at our 2018 Culture First also discussed this topic which may be helpful to watch: How does a company’s culture affect the end consumer

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It’s for an executive presentation to reinforce how engagement predicts important business outcomes. This is all that I was able to find.