Covid-19 and mental health

I don’t suppose anyone has carried out any survey’s re the impact on colleague mental health due to Covid-19 that you would be willing to share?
Thank you

Hi Jamil

We haven’t carried out a specific survey on this topic, however we have seen a 4% increase in engagement since this time last year (80% Nov 2019 to 84% Nov 2020) and at the same time, we’ve seen a slight increase in use of our Employee Assistance Program. It’s not conclusive, but my hypothesis is that maybe Working From Home and lockdowns (most of our people are in Melbourne, Australia, so the lockdowns were several months long and quite severe) worked well for many of our people, but were quite challenging for others. My hypothesis is supported by increased public use (outside of my organisation) of mental health resources (Lifelife, Beyond Blue etc) as well. I hope this data helps.

Regards, Cam

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