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Customer Experience & Engagement

Hi! I’m wondering what experiences and information people might have around the impact of the customer experience on employee engagement. To what extent has the customer experience been found to be a driver of engagement? Has anyone measured this through an engagement survey and what did you notice?

Hi Cass, I think the formula goes the other way. What impact does employee engagement have on the customer experience? Hate to say it, but I’m not staying at a company that stinks, even if my customers are awesome. I’ll go somewhere better and take them with me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Cass, I am not sure about customer experience on employee engagement, but I know that Gallup have a lot about the effects of higher engagement on customer experience.

Hi Cass, I don’t have a lot of empirical evidence, but I suspect that the link between customer experience and staff engagement is bi-directional. Conventional wisdom suggests that looking after our people increases the chances of our people looking after our customers. I would suggest that if customers are happy with the services/products of an employer, that helps with staff engagement also (no-one wants to sell/support a “lemon”). Anecdotally, my current employer has strong customer satisfaction (most of our corporate customers have been with us for 15+ years) and strong engagement (81% in Nov 2020). I have worked previously with a large bank which had lower customer satisfaction and lower staff engagement (59%).

Hi @Cass_Kane,
I am really interested in this topic as well. I began the Employee Engagement process in our company 12 months ago and now the business is also ready to move into measuring Customer Experience. I am really interested to see if it is true that EX=CX and how interdependent they really are!


I agree with others that it is typically the employee engagement experience that impacts the customer experience. In my last organization, I measured both the customer experience and the employee experience, and I broke the data down by department so that I could get a sense of whether or not the employee experience was impacting the customer experience. When I looked at the data, it was not surprising that the teams that were the most engaged were also the teams that received the highest scores from their customers/end-users. Going even deeper, I looked at the management scores in the departments where there were poor customer reviews and lower employee scores, and it is probably not surprising to know that those managers ranked lower in communication, feedback, and recognition of their employees. All this to say, yes, I have measured both - I see employee engagement as the driver of customer engagement - and it all connects back to the manager - at least from my experience. Hope it helps, and if you want to talk further, I am happy to provide more insights from my experiences. - Jennifer

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