D&I Questions for First Survey


We’re launching our first survey this year, and I’m torn about including questions on diversity and inclusion.

For more context, we’re a company of 40 employees, 6 of whom are women and out of those 6, 4 are women of color, the rest of our team is white men and 1 man of color. I’m concerned that if I ask questions about D&I, our data will not be as accurate. I’m getting some pushback from one of my co-founders that there is no need to worry about the questions and data.

Has anyone been through something similar? Any evidence I can use to support my choice to wait on D&I until our team actually is diverse?


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Hi @Pooj ,
I believe that every project (ever) has to start with checking the current situation. You need to know where you are right now (what’s in people’s head) in order to build on it.
How are you going to build a diverse team if you don’t listen to the people who are part of the team right now?

It is likely that you are going to get answers and data that are not comfortable to hear and face. But that’s OK because these are the things that can help you build a really diverse and inclusive community in the future.

Hi @Pooj -

What are your concerns about the inaccuracy of the data (e.g., people won’t answer truthfully because they are a smaller population)?

We always talk about surveying being a two-way feedback loop - our employees are providing us insight on their experiences, but we are also communicating what we believe to be valuable and important in the types of questions we ask and how we act upon results.

Being a smaller company, it’s great to start asking these questions straightaway. You are communicating that inclusion is important to you and the culture you want to maintain (even as you grow). Having the data to support an inclusive culture (even with a small population) will help you continue to grow your team.

It’s also useful to keep in mind that diversity can expand above the demographics you mentioned, and can include things such as socioeconomic status, native language speaking proficiency, veteran status, family status, etc. It’s possible that this survey will uncover that you are much more diverse than you think :slight_smile:

I’m excited to hear what you decide upon! Please keep us updated!