Deploying Company Policies/Guidelines

Hi all,
Does anyone have any recommendations on the best way to deploy Company policies/procedures/Guidelines? I work with a start-up company (approx. 18 people), therefore am in the process of drafting and re-writing our company procedures and policies for the likes of annual leave (and other types of leave), grievances, disciplinary processes, safety etc. I want to avoid the bureaucratic methods of having all employees ridden down in pages and pages of ‘legal policy terms’ and avoid signing each and every document, however at the same time need to communicate these to our team and let them know of course where to find them internally. Open to any suggestions? :smile:

My first suggestion would be not to call it a policy. I know this is just language nit picking, but language does matter. Policy smells of corporate and has almost become a symbol of a lack of trust in people, as most of the time they are written to the lowest common denominator - rather than for the normal person. I would definitely more go with Guidelines/Playbooks.
Before you write anything please read “Powerful” by Patty McCord ( ex Head of P&C of Netflix). Then go in and create them with some of her perspective in mind. Good luck!


Hi @MajaPaleka,
Thanks for your reply - I really appreciate it.
Am with you on your suggestion regarding steering clear of the ‘policy’ language. This is a great point and will take on your recommendation to go more with Guidelines.
I have downloaded the audiobook of Powerful - really enjoying it so far, so thanks for the recommendation!
Thanks again this has really helped steer my though process.

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