Dimensions of a Top Performer

How do you define a top performer? What are the qualities they have? Any research links will also be helpful. Thanks!

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The honest (and unhelpful) answer is that this is something for you to define. A top performer for our company may not be so at yours. We may value different attributes and behaviours.

I am sure there is data out there to tell you what ‘talent’ looks like, but my advice is to start with what matters to you.

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Agree with @markwalton. To actualize this I believe you need to go through the process of defining what your ideal employee/top performer is, and then breaking that down into what are the characteristics that go into being that person. Best done with a group of leaders, perhaps one person (you?) starts the process with a draft of the ideal person, and then asks for input from others, and then combine characteristics into as few defined items as you can. This will give you the best answer specific to your organization.

Would love to hear others’ thoughts on this!