Do I postpone our annual staff engagement survey?

I work for an aged care service in Geelong, Australia. As with all Aged Care Services, the staff and residents / clients are extremely vulnerable to direct and indirect impacts o COVID-19. I was due to launch our annual engagement survey on April 1. To me it doesn’t seem that the ‘usual’ questions I would ask staff are relevant right now. Wondering what questions are relevant and would justify taking them away from the incredibly important job they are doing on the front line? Their voice still needs to be heard.

This is uncharted territory for all of us, especially in the people space.

I just saw Culture Amp shared these resources!

I think you answered your own question about whether you should postpone. You’ve considered the purpose of your engagement survey and whether it will glean meaningful, impactful, and immediately actionable insights and weigh that against the work your teams are doing day to day.

I wonder if instead of an engagement survey/formal questionnaire, and if you haven’t already, you think of some ways to anticipate some of the challenges they’re currently facing and act on those. As an example, we are providing our pharmacy staff lunch and dinner every single day. We’ve been asking the team how the meals have been going and a few team members felt comfortable bringing up the fact that they wanted a change to the menu so we’ve implemented that- thereby ensuring we’re looking after them in a very actionable way, and demonstrating we’re listening to their needs so as to reinforce that we’re here for them at this time.

Additionally, I’m currently looking at ways we can better support our working parents and folks who may be struggling mentally/emotionally with everything going on. Step 1 though is providing the psychological safety so that our teams know we’re here for them and committed to responding to their needs.

Good luck and really curious to see what you decide to do!

As @Alicia_Henriquez shared above, the People Science team at Culture Amp has released an Emergency Response template that is open-source! You are completely right that your employees’ voices still need to be heard!

If you haven’t launched your Engagement survey yet, you could consider:

  1. Utilizing the Emergency Response template instead or

  2. Combining your typical Engagement survey questions with some of the questions from the Emergency Response template. I would recommend this route if you feel like your organization isn’t directly impacted by COVID-19, but given the context you shared, I would probably recommend option #1. This is because your employees are likely to be biased to think about the current situation and not answer in a way that is about their general, overall experience at your company. This will make it difficult to benchmark historically or see how you’ve moved the needle since your last survey.

Excited to hear what you do! Keep us updated and let me know if I can help in any way!

We just closed our Q1 Engagement Survey and thought it prudent to get a quick read on the organization (~1,000 people globally). We did a quick survey now that we are 100% Global Virtual:
Scaled Questions

  • Working remotely is going* well for me.
  • The lines of communication are open and are helping me stay engaged and informed.
  • I have sufficient flexibility to balance my work and personal priorities.

Open Ended Questions

  • What’s working well for you in this current environment?
  • What blockers are getting in your way that we can help with?
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