Do you have a Working Group or Steerco for your Engagement Survey?

Does anyone have a Working Group/ Steerco that support the People team with defining and prioritising company wide actions? We do a lot in the People team but I think it is a shared responsibility between People team and business leaders, so I would like to set up a working group with stakeholders from both sides.

Does anyone have any experience of this and can share how it works?

We have a University-wide Steering Group, chaired by our Cheif Operations Officer, but encourage the individual Departments to produce a local action plan based on their own results, which will feed into the Organisation-wide plan.

I am part of the OD team; we support the Steering Group, and faciltitate the work at a local level - our ambition is to get to a place where staff feel ownership of the local action plans, while the overall responsibility sits with the Steering Group.