Do you know an employer brand expert willing to talk with our People Operations intern for 30 minutes?

Hey everyone! My company is in the process of creating an Employer Brand Playbook , essentially a strategic guide about assessing and enhancing company brand, candidate experience, and employee engagement. Our People Ops intern created an overview of best practices and KPIs for social media and talent acquisition and is hoping to learn more about the formal processes that other startups have used to identify their company brand’s voice and create their employer brand strategy, e.g. conducting an employer brand audit and determining the success of your efforts. Do you know anyone who might be an employer brand expert and willing to speak with her for 30 minutes? Thank you for your consideration!

I’d reach out to the folks at Job Portraits and see if they’re open to a quick chat:

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Thanks, @Itamar! @Alison_Bishop I’d be happy to help. I’m if you’d like to follow up :slight_smile: