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Does anyone have a solid T&E Policy they could share?

Hi friends,
We are trying to write a global T&E policy for our company. We are a corporation made up of three divisions, and two of those divisions have historically been grouped together as “Media,” so we have a Media policy and one for the other division, but neither of them are clear, well-written, or seem to have the voice of a human behind them. At this point, we are considering scrapping those former ones and starting all over. We’re hoping to find samples of good ones that can help us make a new one for ourselves. Does anyone have one they can share, or any tips from going through this process themselves previously? Thank you!

Hey @MEChristensen, can you tell me what a T&E policy is? Hopefully I can find someone to help you out.

Hi Deb–T&E typically means ‘Travel & Expense’ or ‘Travel & Entertainment’ Expenses. Thank you!!