Does anyone run a matchmaker program? Do you recommend?

Does anyone do any “matchmaker” programs at their companies? For example, randomly matching two employees each month to grab coffee, or matching folks from different departments to go get lunch? I want to start something to help facilitate cross-team collaboration and give people an opportunity to meet each other (we grew double our size this past year), and want to craft something that’s sustainable (people aren’t going to lose interest in it after a few months)… Anything to watch out for?

We’ve used both more structured programs like through to things like

Different approaches suit different needs. If your focus area is on L&D, then look at formal mentoring, skills mapping, and a full support program. However, in your case donut might work quite well.

There isn’t much to look out for, but it really helps to have some kind of structure for people to use. Obviously you want people to have natural interactions, but a few prompter questions go a long way. Also paying for people to meet (e.g. their coffee) is a small thing, but makes employees value it just that little bit more.