Does CultureAmp offer an anonymous suggestion box?

I am having trouble finding whether there is a function in CultureAmp’s platform for employees to submit anonymous feedback to administrators. We were using OfficeVibe which has this and would love to keep that going.

Hi Anne,

The best way to create an anonymous suggestion box with the Culture Amp platform is to launch an Unattributed Survey

Once you have launched the survey you will be given a link that you can share with employees which will allow them to submit responses. You can then include that link in an email, or embed it on your employee portal, or wherever you feel your employees are most likely to find it.

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Thanks so much for the tip! I tried doing this, but when there is only one response, the platform will not show me what it is. Since we want to be able to read all responses as soon as they come in (and we don’t care about demographic data) how do we get around the reporting minimum?

Hi @anne! I’m not an expert, but a quick workaround might be for you to submit a few ‘TEST’ answers to the survey yourself, that way you will be able to see any legitimate responses as soon as they come in!