Does your company have flexible working arrangements?

Something a little different from NewsCat today. Does your company offer employees flexible working arrangements such as working from home? Is it an ad-hoc process or has your company done things like setting goals for remote employees?

Remote-how have put together some playlists to help remote workers. Take a listen and share your thoughts below!

An employee working from home shouldn’t have extra or differing goals… it’s about trust, and employees who feel their employer trusts them will be more productive and put in discretionary effort. This is 2019 and I think any company who values employee engagement should be looking at flexible working arrangements if they currently don’t already.


Completely agree, @hollaa01! We have flexible working arrangements at Culture Amp and so much of this benefit is based on trust. Regardless of where I am working from, I know the work that I am accountable for completing. I don’t see a reason why this would differ based on if I am at home, in the office, or at a coffee shop.

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