Dp you have strategies for making your workday more productive?

Do you find you struggle some days to be productive? What strategies do you use? How do you help others in your organisation be more productive?

This is an awesome question. I block out times in my calendar throughout my day to work on specific projects, even if it doesn’t involve a traditional meeting. This allows me to set aside time to work on something, while also giving me an “end time.” I find I’m most productive in short sprints, rather than trying to work on the same thing for hours at a time. In addition, this can help me carve out time in a schedule that might potentially get booked over by other types of meetings.

Would love to hear how others address this! I’m always looking for ways to keep improving my productivity :grin:

I also block out times on my calendar and I’ve started using the Pomodoro Technique. I find that choosing one thing to work on, setting a shorter timer and allowing myself more frequent breaks has helped me focus much better and thus be more productive over the course of my day.

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