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I am interested in setting up an Employee Intranet Site. I am curious to hear if there are any platforms you would recommend?

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Hi @Krysiastcyr

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What are you looking to have on this site? How big is the organisation? Any other things that might help our People Geeks?



Hi @DebMavric !

Great questions. We are looking to house everything from FAQs, to company policies, culture information, upcoming events, possibly even onboarding information, and some fun things like our wellness program, and other programs we will continue to build. The goal is to have a one-stop-shop for our employees to be able to find an answer to any question they have relating to company procedures and culture happenings!

Our company is currently 30 employees, but a growing start up , so that number will continue to increase every month.

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Creating a google site might be a good option for you at this stage

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Office 365 has SharePoint (which is likely to be free to use).


We are currently looking at an ADP (since we implemented Workforcenow recently addon called Workmates. It creates a FB style intranet which has kudos, calendars and such built in. May be more than you need at 30 employees but that is what we are doing.

Hi @Krysiastcyr

I’ve had success in the past using an intranet product called CentricMinds. They are an Australian organisation with offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and San Francisco (US). We used them at a previous organisation (AHG) and it was a pretty easy to use robust tool.

For an organisation of you size you’ll find it alot easier and less clunky to use than something like SharePoint.

Info here: https://centricminds.com/

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Thank you for all of your advice and help!

I have found that google sites and square space have been great options for us.