Employee Recognition

I was keen to hear about how People Geeks here support employee recognition in your business (e.g. software, events, etc.)

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We track written notes of appreciation towards one another “Shout-Outs.” Towards the end of the quarter we determine who wrote the most as well as who received the most. We also pull the top notes written and choose a winner per each one of our four core values. During an all hands meeting we recognize these winners by reading their notes and let them spin our prize wheel.


We went the software route (we built it). Top down + peer-peer recognition. Recipients receive a message via email and a digital feed displays the public recognitions (there are privacy settings). Can display on internal screens, etc. If rewards are your thing, you can attach an amount to each message and the recipient chooses to either give it to a charity of their choice, or receive a physical gift for themselves. The software has distributed over $750k now :slight_smile: Happy to demo if of interest