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Employee value proposition refresh

Hi all.

I was wondering if anyone has any practical steps to share on how to review/refresh an EVP? A lot has changed since we created it a few years ago, both internally and externally. While it does still feel relevant, I’m conscious that it could be missing something as a result of everything that’s happened over the past couple of years.

Any tips?

Hi Georgina,

I don’t know if I have all the practical steps, but I’ll give you some considerations that we have been putting into how were looking at similar aspects of our value prop pieces.

  1. Make it clear and concise. While it seems advantageous to put everything you can think of on the table to look attractive as possible, this can really cause overwhelm, and there’s a high chance of your main messages getting lost. Ultimately, my position is that a value prop should answer one sole question: What can I get at this company that I cannot find anywhere else?

  2. Be Authentic. There are several flashy terms that float around, or buzzwords that get repeated that don’t actually reflect the job. In our company, I am focusing on debunking “Pay for Performance,” as from our role, we realized that was something we said, but didn’t actual practice org wide. Certain teams did have that culture, but we were not a pay for performance company, and many entry level employees get frustrated at the disparity, and didn’t actually want that type of model. I would say that what you do put in there has to reflect what is felt by all.

  3. Realistically Modern. Some of our HR team talked about what is actually important. All companies offer health insurance benefits, 401k matching, etc-- and every single one of them say that they’re great. That’s no longer a flashy perk, that’s almost a standard need for modern workers. When you talk about everything that has happened, I think that considering what is actually important to the talent you’re trying to attract. Things like a Total Rewards statement doesn’t align, things like 100% remote work with on-site teambuilding/events opportunity does.

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