End of Probation Period Survey questions

Looking for some insightful questions to include in our 6 months - End of Probation Survey, particularly around role perception (Tech Professional Services space), any suggestion? Cheers

Hi @Oli49

Jen Cullen, our VP of People Science at Culture Amp wrote this insightful article that may help answer your question.

Feel free to follow up with any more questions you have



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Thank you @DebMavric. This is very valuable, although looking at more question ideas in the role perceptions chapter. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d definitely ask something about ‘my role meets the expectations I had when i accepted the job’ and ‘what excites you about your role’;


I absolutely second @Georgina! Something about role alignment, such as “I am happy with my current role relative to what was described to me” could be very telling! Are there other specific aspects about role perception that you have hypotheses about? I’m sure we could all brainstorm some questions together!

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Hi Sahra, thanks a lot for your great reply. I guess trying to get some insight of someone who has been in a role for 6 months. While it can change over time, they may have a pretty good idea how fulfil they are so far. :slight_smile:

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