Energisers and Icebreaker activities

As an experienced facilitator, I often get asked for group energisers or icebreaker activities for people to use in meetings or at team events. I’m really bored with my standard go-to ones so was wondering if anyone had any new and creative activities they could share.

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One I liked that I had never done before but found a lot of fun was a pass the banana game.

You have a group of people standing shoulder to shoulder in a circle with their arms behind their backs. One person gets in the center of the circle. The people in the circle must pass a banana behind their backs without making it obvious they are doing so. The person in the center gets three guesses to identify who has the banana. It’s a bit of silly fun and gets the body moving and people working together!

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One that I have used recently is for participants to create trading cards of themselves. You will need some paper and markers. I show an example of basketball trading cards and then highlight how the card has been designed to showcase the heroic aspect of that player along with key stats. I give people a limited amount of time to do one for themselves in whatever way they wish and then they share back their trading card with the group.

Participants have lots of fun and can go in all sorts of directions!


I recently did a divergent thinking exercise (thank you, @Fresia!) that I actually found incredibly fun and included some critical thinking. The first person says a word and points to someone else in the group, that person’s job is to say another word that has nothing to do with the first word then they point to someone else and this continues on. Sounds silly, but give it a try. I thought it was fun :laughing:

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@Sahra_Kaboli-Nejad this is one of my all time favourite ice breakers, it’s always interesting to see where the story leads! Thanks for sharing.

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Can I recommend extreme paper scissors rock as an energiser? It’s SO good.

Basically, group together everyone in pairs to play paper scissors rock (and if there’s not enough people to group in pairs then the facilitator can join in too).

The ‘winner’ of the first round of pairs then moves to the next round to play another winner from another pairing, while the ‘loser’ has to follow around the winner and chant their name as their support party in the next round. When there is a ‘winner’ and a ‘loser’ in the next round, the ‘loser’ joins the support crew, with the support crew gradually gaining in size until eventually you have everyone chanting for the final pair.

What usually happens is a massive eruption of cheers and applause at the end when the final ‘winner’ is crowned.

It’s a lot of fun! :blush:

I can’t remember who I can credit this game to as I definitely didn’t come up with it myself, but I’ve used it several times now in many group settings and it’s never failed to energise a room so far!