Engagement Survey Launch - how have you set yourself up for success in terms of communication plan, information sharing and getting people excited about the new platform?

We are launching our first engagement survey through Culture Amp at the end of July. I’m wondering what kind of success (or lack of) you’ve had when launching, talking to people about it, generating excitement?

HI Dayemm! I run Culture Amp’s internal engagement surveys, and have also worked with a lot of our customers.

  1. Overcommunicate: When launching, err towards over-communication. Communicate in All Hands, and also via Slack/Email. Based on your org culture, you may want leadership to amplify the messages, or share their own comms (may be a CEO, may be department heads, managers etc).

  2. Emphasize the intrinsic motivation: Don’t just tell people that there’s a survey, hit on why their feedback matters. For example, your company is going to take action based on the feedback in this survey, and we want to make sure that each employee has a chance to have their input included.

  3. We’ve seen lots of fun ideas to build up participation, including bringing in food for “engagement time,” and having leadership dress up in costumes or do something fun if a certain participation percentage is hit, and leaving a piece of candy at everyone’s desk with a note to take the survey.

Here’s an article from our Academy on promoting your survey, too: https://academy.cultureamp.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000316785-Promote-Your-Survey

Good luck with the launch!