Engaging/communicating with those that are computer based

My business has approx 75% of our staff being frontline hospitality workers who aren’t computer based. Who out there has a large workforce that isn’t computer based and how do you engage and communicate with your staff ensuring they receive important information and feel valued?

Hi Emma,
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I previously worked at a company where the majority of our employees were at different client sites. We would send out communication to the manager at the sites and they would pass down that information during their regular staff meetings. We’d also have communication posted in different areas, like break rooms or common areas. If there as a tv in the one of the break rooms, we’d have it rolling with different company communication. As an HR team, we also made it a point to visit the different client sites that we supported throughout the year to get face time with the employees.


@Emma_Wade this is a great question, and one that I struggled with when I was in a similar position.

I started by putting myself in the employee’s shoes. What is info that is helpful to have managerial support with disseminating in a staff meeting? What is quick and easy enough that a brief announcement next to a timeclock or on a callboard will allow them to digest the info when they can? I also engaged with the team to get their opinion. Some other ideas we tested out were attaching important announcements to paychecks. Pretty rudimentary stuff, but effective in getting the proper info into their hands.

I found myself still in the habit of sending email blasts to staff when there were key announcements or policy changes, as it allowed me to track who received the info and when. Be careful about sending emails that require too much back and forth, though, as you could find yourself needing to compensate employees for time spent on work while not on the clock (this is a very slippery slope).

Good luck!