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Exit interviews for redundancy

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has a set of questions asked of employees exiting through redundancy? While it’s clearly not necessarily a ‘choice’ for them, we do want to understand both how they felt through consultation as well as their wider views on the organisation. So thinking about options to help with this.

Any tips?

Hi Georgina,

Great enquiry and this is important for more than the person being exited! Also consider that people who were not “selected” will have a lot of unanswered questions about why they “survived.” Ask questions about the process of the redundancy, about the timing and consultation. Also ask employees who are staying with the business about their perceptions; that will directly affect their engagement in the future. This may look like a mini pulse/check in as soon as possible so you can influence the after shocks.

Remember that this impacts the employee’s family and bring them into the process as early as possible with support and options so they can be resilient along with the employee. Let me know if you would like to have specific questions, or did you want general ideas.

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Hi Mark. Thanks for your reply. We’re going through a massive ‘transformation’ programme so we’ve got a survey plan in place for change (pre, during and post). We’re also updating our exit interview - but with a large number of people leaving through compulsory redundancy, we don’t want to lose their experiences.

I guess I’m thinking what’s the best way to structure it? Understanding how the process they’ve been was for them is really essential. But what else? Some of the same exit questions so that there’s a subset of consistent data (questions on manager, culture, leaders, that sort of thing). All ideas welcome!

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