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Feedback for Intern Candidates?

Does anyone have strong views or pluses/minuses on giving intern candidates one-on-one feedback? I can certainly see the potential legal landmines, as well as the positive overall candidate experience.

Thx in advance! :slight_smile:

If I was an intern, I would absolutely be looking for feedback, but it doesn’t have to be sugar coated positive in order to avoid legal ramifications. It does have to be development focused. If critical feedback is focused on trainable/developable skills, rather than the person themselves, usually you can operate ethically.

Here’s an example of the difference,

The person: "You need to speak up more in meetings if you want to get noticed around here."
In this scenario, if the person is an introvert, or has a disability that has not been disclosed, there’s a possibility of a slippery slope if they were not hired.

The skill: "It sounds like you have some great ideas, what could be a way we could get those in front of the group that would work for you?"
Here we’re giving the same type of feedback on communication, and still the same objective of having the employee speak up in the meetings, but allowing the employee to state the “how,” it’s going to happen.

Thanks @MG_Jacen I love the perspective and totally agree!

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