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Flow of information - scaling quickly

Hi - does anyone have any tips on successfully changing the way information flows in a company? We’re scaling quickly and we’d like to address the fact that some of our enablement scores are lower than we’d like. We want to make sure everyone has access to the information they need to do their jobs successfully - but not sure about the best way to go about organizing this.

There are several methods to try and improve information flows across the firm:

  1. Have a regular business update call where employees can dial into
  2. ask the heads of functions to send out a mailers / blog post with what has happened in the week and the things to look forward to in the next - also include something non work related to make it interesting… eg. Someone tried to cook a new dish etc.
  3. Ask senior team members in each team to cascade important developments.
  4. elicit feedback - correct and modify where required.

I find this depends a lot on the types of information and who needs it. It can be useful to run a very brief follow up survey or focus groups to understand this better. I find usually there is not one solution to this problem and different types of info/audiences need to be segmented (at a high level ideally!) and addressed individually.

I would make a spreadsheet where the column headings are – type of information, audience, how it’s delivered currently, whether that’s working well (red/yellow/green), what the key gaps are, impact of those gaps, and one simple idea for improving each.

Then you’ll see for example - oh maybe we’re good at distributing financial information across the company, but when it comes to product strat changes affecting a certain team or group of employees, that’s a problem and it needs to be addressed in our dev process. That’s a very different problem than “I don’t know when someone new is hired” which might be solved through a company newsletter announcing new hires.

Good luck! This is normal to struggle with and you should expect to revisit it regularly :slight_smile:

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