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Frequency of engagement pulse surveys and managing feedback

My team is looking to change the frequency of our engagement pulse surveys, and improve our process of managing and responding to feedback.

We currently send out a weekly engagement survey, and receive around 500 comments/wk. Our goal has been to utilize this data for general trends, but to also address acute concerns/feedback of our employees. As our team has grown, this has become less and less sustainable (as managers have less time to follow up directly), and we’ve learned that weekly surveys 1. Result in a lot of personal/non-controllable feedback 2. Convey an unrealistic expectation that circumstantial pain points will be resolved weekly.

I’m curious about how frequently other teams are measuring engagement on the individual level, and what strategies are most effective/sustainable for managing comments/feedback received in the process.

Appreciate any insights!!

Hi Maeghan,

Weekly does seem like a lot! We find it best to survey our employees (for engagement) quarterly. We do a long, in-depth survey in Q1 and Q3, and then pulse check (short 5 questions) in Q2 and Q4!

Yes, I agree and that makes sense!
Thanks Kristen!

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