Giving report access without access to Comments

We’ve just completed our first CultureAmp survey.
Our school is a very small community and it has been very important to participants that results are totally anonymous and private.

I want to be able to give certain people access to CultureAmp reports but restrict their ability to view any of the comments.

Is this possible? How to do this?

Also is it possible to give leaders related to a certain demographic access to just their groups data in addition to the whole population data?


HI @richiekhoo and welcome to People Geek Answers. Apologies for the delayed response, we had some downtime over the festive period.

Congratulations on launching your first Culture Amp survey, that’s great to hear.

As your question relates directly to the Culture Amp product, the quickest way to get an answer to the question above is to contact our support team by email at

The goal of People Geek Answers is to enable all the People Geeks in our community to discuss broader people and culture topics. I Definitely encourage you to continue to ask questions of the People Geek community and look forward to seeing you on here!

Please let me know if you have any other questions!



Yes, you can (as @DebMavric mentions, contact support, but you set it up in report sharing).

We have the same issue, though we’re a larger, global organisation. We do have a trust and confidence issue; some colleagues are wary about being honest in their feedback. I’ve given a small number of senior managers access to their report but not to any comments. The need to work with their HR business partner who does have access and will be able to extract illustrative answers to give nuance and clarity around the responses being given. Good luck!