Global Payroll Services

Hi everyone,

Just putting it out there to see if anyone can recommend a PEO/payroll management service for startups. We are looking to employ 1 person in the US and 1 in the Netherlands.
Any guidance is appreciated.


Hey Irene!

I have worked with Trinet and Insperity who are both PEO’s in the US and they would be able to help. I have had numbers as low as 10 going through both Insperity and Trinet so they might be able to handle just one person. The PEO route is the simplest and easiest way to go and they can provide the whole package of benefits on a fully integrated basis which makes life really easy for you. They are both similar but I would probably put Trinet slightly ahead.

I don’t have any experience with Netherlands but we work with Oury Clarke in the UK (who are great for startups) and they might be able to recommend someone. I’d be happy to reach out to see if they have contacts.

Hope that helps

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Hi Jay,

Great - thanks for your comment and guidance on this topic.
I found Trinet fairly expensive for just 1 employee, but have a couple more to compare. Thanks for recommending though!
I agree, the PEO route seems to be the simplest setup for us for now. And good to know about the UK recommendation as this could be helpful in the future.
I have been recommended another solution for Netherlands so exploring that currently.

Thanks again - appreciate your response.

You could also check out Sequoia One for your US employee. I’ve used their Sequoia Tech service and found their offerings and service to be really great.

You could also check out Blue Marble if you are looking for one service that has a broader reach and could handle employees in multiple countries. I don’t have personal experience with them though.

Who are you currently using for payroll?

Hi Stacey,

Thanks for your advice on this topic. I am in contact with ADP currently for our small payroll solution requirements. We are looking at them for potentially a PEO option for our 1 employee in the US. This is our first employee internationally, however, we currently have our Head office in Australia and we use Xero for payroll services.