Has anyone designed an employee roadmap before (from scratch) with a small company?

I work as the Internal Operations Manager at a startup of 13 employees and am in the process of designing the company’s first employee roadmap. Currently I’m framing the design with the following questions:

  • What does a year of onboarding look like? (30/60/90 plan, training materials, onboarding checklists, etc.)
  • What are our KPIs?
  • Where are our employee engagement checkpoints? (surveys, manager vs HR meetings, etc.)
  • How can we embed our employer brand seamlessly throughout the employee lifecycle?

My goal is to make it simple and purposeful. Does anyone have any wisdom to pass along?

@Alison_Bishop - you are off to a great start with these questions! When I was first working on our onboarding, I spent a lot of time thinking about resources and scalability with an eye toward how I would be able to implement what I was designing. So I think some of the questions to ask as you are desiging depend on things like - is your company going to be growing quickly? Are you in one location? Do you have other resources you can tap into? What are the expectations of what your team will do throughout the process and what are the expectations of what a manager might do throughout the process?

I wrote this blog post a while back that may also have some good tips: https://blog.cultureamp.com/creating-a-culture-first-onboarding-program

I also love to approach things like this with a design thinking mindset. So, as you are designing the process, one thing you can keep in mind is - what do I want people to think, to feel, and to do during each of these processes?


Hi @Alison_Bishop, I am the People & Culture Manager of a small tech start-up of now 18. I had put together a People & Culture strategy and roadmap, specifically based on 3 components:

  1. Building the foundations - i.e. company policies, procedures, guidelines, compliance, employee handbooks, company values, metrics etc.
  2. Supporting the business to scale up - Talent acquisition/attraction, Hire for culture fit, Onboarding.
  3. Engage for success - focus on growth, education, employee effectiveness.
    I have then framed each into initiatives/projects and mapped them over the next 12 month roadmap. Keeping in mind that they may move inline with natural business evolution, growth and changing priorities.
    I hope this helps - happy to share more.
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@stacey & @Irene, Thank you both for the thoughtful responses! The content is very helpful and the timing couldn’t be better as I’m about to dig into the project again this morning.

Stacey, I’ll plan to read your article, and I will put some thought into design thinking. I’ve been interested in how storytelling plays a critical role in the employee experience.

Irene, I would love to chat further since your company is so similarly sized. What metrics did you find the most valuable? How did you integrate and manage them? What does a 12 month roadmap look like for engage for success?

Hi @Alison_Bishop,
I have collaborated with the leadership team to gain their input, feedback and buy-in regarding the People & Culture strategy and roadmap. I am obviously still in the first quarter with measureables of building the foundations. When I refer to ‘engage for success’, I am thinking about employee effectiveness including initiatives around goal setting, feedback and coaching, professional development, recognition etc.
I am more than happy to share details and thought processes behind building my roadmap. I’ll send you a message with my email so we can share experiences.