Has anyone found a better name for performance management?

The name “performance management” has a lot of negative baggage with it - anyone come up with a list of great alternatives?


Hi Michael, We are going with Performance development rather than management and using career development and a 3 year plan the basis for conversation. We use a monthly catch up set up so that objectives stay fresh and so that the career plan can be constantly looked at as well as the development required to support the individuals targets. Early days in this format but initial feedback is very positive. It is also making the process very self-directed rather than manager led.

We launched our newly rebadged Performance Success Program last year. It’s based around 4 monthly reviews - feedback on how well they’re performing, what can be improved and agreed actions for the 4 months ahead.

At Culture Amp we’ve called our quarterly process Performance Sync, because it involves everyone in the business syncing up on an assessment of performance, syncing the scales on which everyone’s performance is judged, and syncing people’s levels and compensation to their performance.

Our People & Experience team is actively working on an iteration to our process, but next to all the parts that we’ve outgrown, the name Performance Sync still seems like a pretty good fit.


At St John we are in the middle of reviewing our process and approach and are looking at wording like Personal Growth and Development with a 3/90 approach, 3 goals over 90 days.

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I’ve seen a few changes to the word management - which makes me happy because it really shouldn’t be a top down approach.
I’m interested in the word performance and the connotations this has - the idea of either performing or not performing, feels like it doesn’t account for the nuances and complexity of people. And the idea that you might not be authentic when ‘performing’. This is mostly a brain dump. I’ll need more thinking time on this one!

I find it depends on the organization’s culture and internal language, but generally I prefer “performance enablement” because it is a process to help employees do their jobs well and contribute to the organization’s purpose.