Has anyone moved away from the Annual Engagement Survey, to more often, smaller and themed surveys.?

If you have moved away from the annualized survey, what worked well with this approach? We are wanting to get more agile and work at pace and ensure we are gathering employee feedback more often but still get insightful results.

Hi Claudia

We have not. We have talked about moving away from annual engagement surveys, but we have instead opted for the annual engagement surveys (using Culture Amp, 84% engagement at November 2020, up from 80% a year ago) alongside weekly check-ins using “Friday Feedback”, which integrates with Slack/gmail, allows weekly pulse-checks and sharing Kudos amongst colleagues. We also use our HR database (Zoho People) to log/measure our one-on-one meetings between managers and their teams, as we believe the quality/quantity (NOT one-size-fits-all) of these one-on-one discussions contributes towards engagement.

Hope this data-point helps!

Regards, Cam

Hello Claudia,
My organization, SAP, is doing more pulse checks than annual surveys. As an employee taking the survey, I like it better because they aren’t just getting a point-in-time check that could be different depending on how you are doing it that day–they are getting several throughout the year. Similar to Cam’s response, there is also tracking of check-ins with managers as well.

With COVID, there have been specific shorter check-ins on how people are doing. They run a remote work pulse check for this. They’ve also run pulse checks on how people feel coming back to the office.

I hope this is helpful! Happy New Year!

Kind regards,
Geoff Irwin

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