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Hello from a remote location

Hello everyone,

I’m Miranda and I live in Ontario, Canada. Temporarily working from home in a village that is barely a village. I prefer to just tell people “I live in the woods”.

I’m here because I am in a leadership position in my organization. As someone who “worked from the bottom up” it’s important to me to be knowledgeable about my people and the jobs they do.

There are many interesting topics here but right now Wellness is at the forefront for me. With COVID-19 and being shifted to the office and back to remote several times over the last year+ I am all for learning new ways to maintain sanity. I’m also a perpetual learner - usually taking several courses at a time for both professional and personal development - so this is a new space for me to soak up information!

Hi Miranda From The Woods! If you’re a perpetual learner like me, you might be inspired by a lesser-known leadership philosophy called Social Leadership. It recognizes the social world we live in and gives authority to all kinds of people based on their reputation within communities.

Psychological safety is a key piece of wellness, which for leaders is sometimes hard to cultivate with all the tactical ways people typically approach wellness. Thinking like a Social Leader will help you drive wellness from the leadership seat!

Here’s a video clip from one of my training programs about it!

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