Hi, here's a little about me

Hi, I’m Shannon Poulton
from Adelaide, South Australia .
I’ve been a people geek for a short time
and am most interested in Engagement & Culture

Welcome @Shannon! Fun fact, did you know that the Culture Amp CEO is from Adelaide? I have been to Adelaide a few times. I love wine and good food. There are few other places in Australia that deliver so well in this regard.

We are pleased that you joined this online forum. If you have feedback, questions or concerns, let me know.

Looks like you are most interested in Engagement & Culture. You probably noticed already, but in case you didn’t, there are a few discussions happening here on this topic already.


Feel free to share your experience on an existing topic or start a new conversation with a question you have for the community!


Thanks @Josh. I did know that fun fact, Didier (and Ramon) are great guys and have been really open about the Culture Amp journey, which in turn has helped me, and our company, immensely.

Nice to hear of your positive experience with Adelaide, I can’t argue with you re the produce!